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After years of self-discovery, time together and time apart, the sounds emerging from the close-knit family of multi-instrumentalists known as HOUSE ART COLLECTIVE are eclectic and personal: a sound – and presence – one needs to hear and see in order to be fully understood.

Spending formative years together while growing up in Barrie, ON, the eight members of the experimental/indie rock collective built a live set that constantly teeters between stadium spectacle and etheral introspection. Explosive melodies of the post-punk realm collapse in and reform again as soft harmonies that soar up through the cacophony of art rock soundscapes they create. After a year of building these sounds, they set out to capture their live energy- a portion of it- onto tape.

Found / Sounds is this record. With it, HOUSE ART COLLECTIVE spans across a sonic landscape of violins, synthesizers, snaky basslines, crashing guitars, poetic lyricism, anthematic drums, and tight choral work- all played and recorded in the old home of Canadian Group of Seven painter Franz Johnstone, in Wyebridge, ON.